The Global Health Reporting Center (GHRC) is an independent, nonprofit newsroom committed to producing in-depth content about the vital health challenges of our time. 

The Center aims to fill crucial gaps in public understanding of critical health issues. We specialize in projects that require longer timelines, extensive reporting and consistent focus. Our approach involves an effort to understand the complex interactions of science, community, economics, politics and human behavior. Drawing on decades of beat reporting and subject matter expertise, the GHRC reports from every continent, with local flavor and a global perspective.

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Matt Ehrichs

Producer & Editor

Caleb Hellerman

Executive Producer

Rogger Lopez


Shayon Maitra

Director & Editor

Ben Plumley

Senior Research Fellow

Gabriel Roy

Associate Producer

Janet Tobias

Founder & CEO

Will Wintercross

Reporter & Producer

Board of Directors

Janet Tobias
Roger Lopez
Caleb Hellerman
Olivia Jenkins
Gregory Branch