Roger Lopez - CFO and Founder

Roger Lopez emigrated from Peru in 1999 and earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration, focusing on general accounting. After three years of working in the accounting field for Adams & Salter, Lopez moved into film production and served as the production manager/accountant on the Magnolia release “No Place On Earth.” In 2016, he became the chief financial and chief operating officer of Sierra/Tango Productions. Since then, he has produced a variety of films, including the prophetic pandemic film “Unseen Enemy” (CNN/ARTE/ARD), “Memory Games” (ARTE/ARD, streaming on Netflix), “UnMasked: We All Breathe” (MNET Africa) and “Race For The Vaccine” (BBC/CNN). In 2015, Lopez also became the chief financial and chief operating officer of Ikana Health Action Lab, where he supervised a wide range of awareness campaigns (“It Takes All of Us”), impact work and the creation of interactive educational materials for healthcare workers. He has coordinated Ikana Health Action Lab’s work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Wellcome Trust; World Vision; Global Citizen; the European Union; the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Fortune 100 companies; and the National Academy of Medicine.