A Diary From The Frontline: Sheena

Sheena Williams is a nurse at one of Philadelphia’s biggest hospitals and an overnight Instagram celebrity that finds herself at a crossroads between COVID-19 and nationwide protests against police brutality.

COVID-19 Is Diverting A Lot of Resources From Other Critical Health Services

“The legacy of COVID-19 must not include the global resurgence of other killers like measles and polio.” Dr. Seth Berkley, GAVI “We know that children are missing out on critical vaccines. Vaccination campaigns have been postponed following social distancing measures, increasing the risk of disease outbreaks.” Dr. Kunihiko Hirabayashi, UNICEF One of the less publicised consequences of the pandemic is its impact on the delivery of important health services, including immunisations, to populations residing in low-and-middle income countries, says The Lancet. It is critical and very worrying. Multiple research groups indicate that COVID-19 has had a massive impact on lower

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A Diary From The Frontline: Giuliana

Dr. Giuliana Battagin, an infectious disease doctor in a small city near Venice in Italy, tested positive for COVID-19 as she was watching case numbers skyrocket in her small hospital.

A Diary From the Frontline: Ali

Alison Harris, an Operating Department Practitioner at a regional hospital in England, currently works solely on the COVID wards, focusing on intubating critically ill patients. This role is new for Harris.

A Diary From the Frontline: Davey

Dr. Davey Smith, a Professor and Chief of Infectious Diseases at UC San Diego, firmly believes that a scientific response is the only way out of this pandemic, specifically by conducting rigorous clinical trials, in his case the hot topic drug - hydroxychloroquine.


A disease expert walks into a live bird market

June 7 is World Food Safety Day and this year we are reminded of a harsh reality: Roughly 600 million people around the world suffer from food-borne illnesses every year, while around 3 million die as a result of contaminated food or water. Every part of the world is affected,