Will Wintercross - Reporter & Producer

Based in London, journalist and producer Will Wintercross has spent most of his career working overseas. As a producer and on-air correspondent, he has done recent projects for PBS NewsHour and CNN. Prior to that, his work appeared on PBS/FRONTLINE, The Telegraph, BBC, Sky News, BuzzFeed, and many other outlets.

Wintercross launched his career In 2001, aged 19, when began reporting for The Ngami Times, a weekly newspaper in Maun, Botswana. In 2002, he  lived in and documented life in Romanian sanatoriums, an experience he found harrowing but immensely eye opening. In 2003 he worked along side Médecins Sans Frontières in Angola as they helped civilians displaced and injured by the civil war. Between 2007 and 2016, Wintercross was a photo and video journalist for The Daily Telegraph. His work has brought him numerous awards. 

Reporting from conflict zones is central to Wintercross’ work. He has documented the human toll of multiple wars across the Middle East and made multiple trips to West Africa and Democratic Republic of the Congo during their various Ebola outbreaks. Most recently, he covered the fallout of the war in Ukraine. 

Inspired by his work in Syria and witnessing first-hand the suffering of the civilian population, Wintercross co-founded the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund, a charity which he runs pro bono, which has now raised over $1 million to assist orphans and help children who have lost limbs as a result of fighting. He also runs a school for 729 children in eastern Syria.