Olivia Jenkins - Board Member

Olivia Jenkins is a multifaceted action/extreme sports athlete, model, and academic. She holds an MPH degree and is passionate about improving health equity both in her local island of Maui (Hawaii) and globally. She is a professional “water-woman” — a sponsored athlete in a range of watersports including but not limited to kitesurfing, surfing, and a range of foiling pursuits. This career path has cultivated a keen interest in science supported tools that optimize health and wellness, particularly in the sphere of tools that improve athletic physical and mental performance. She holds the record for the largest wave kitesurfed by a woman (40 feet) which occurred at Peahi (commonly known as Jaws) on Maui. She hopes her athletic pursuits can inspire young females to break existing gender norms in extreme sports and facilitate them to push the limits of their sport.